West University of Timișoara (UVT)

    West University of Timișoara is the largest university in Western Romania, and is a member of the Universitaria Consortium, which includes the top 4 most influential Romanian comprehensive universities. The UVT has 11 faculties and various specializations that allow for a comprehensive educational offer. Through its Carta, the UVT defines itself as an institution that is focused on advanced research and educational activities. Within the UVT, the Department of Psychology is part of the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology. The Department of Psychology has educational programs at all educational levels: Bachelor’s in psychology, master studies (i.e., clinical psychology and psychotherapies, organizational psychology), and a PhD program in Psychology. In the only official classification of specializations ever conducted in Romania, the Department of Psychology at the UVT ranked second, out of more than 25 Romanian Psychology departments.
    Website: www.uvt.ro

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    Ghent University (UGENT)

    Ghent University is ranked 66th in the Shanghai and 143rd in the Times ranking. UGENT is even more performant in the field of Psychology (Top 500 Global Ranking of Academic Subjects in Psychology, ARWU 2019), being ranked on the 47th position at the global level and on the 10th place among the European universities. The University has participated in 263 research projects in the Seventh Framework Programme, of which it coordinated 42 collaborative projects. Up till now, Ghent University is under Horizon 2020 involved in around 270 projects and coordinates 26 of the collaborative projects. It is one of the fastest growing European universities in terms of research capacity and productivity, and its commitment to European research excellence is reflected by the recent extension of the ‘European Office’ in its Research Office (i.e. the department overseeing, guiding and administering research projects).
    Website: www.ugent.be

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    University of Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB)

    The University of Milano-Bicocca is a young university established in 1998. Despite its young age, UNIMIB is included among the leading research institutions across the world. UNIMIB was ranked on the 401-500 position (ARWU, 2019) and around position 150 among the European universities. UNIMIB is also more performant in the field of Psychology, being ranked on 151-200 position at the international level, and on the 49th position among European universities. In twenty years, the Bicocca University has firmly established itself in the national and international context. It is the 3rd largest university in Lombardy by student population (over 33,000 students), the 2nd highest ranked Italian university among those comparable in size, according to ANVUR (national agency for the rating of university quality and research), and in the top 50 young world universities according to Nature Index ranking.
    Website: www.unimib.it

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