Learning resources

[Video Material] 2021 LEARNVUL Summer School training sessions

All the training sessions from the 2021 LEARNVUL 1st Summer School from Timisoara are now freely available on our YouTube channel.
Bellow you can directly access the entire playlist of 19 videos. These sum up to almost 24h of presentations and trainings covering a wide range of research and data analysis topics (from an Introduction in R to Bayesian Statistics or the Principles of Open Science).

Public deliverables

[WP1 Report] One-page statement

One-page statement that the task of reporting previous peer-reviewed pubications has been completed.

[WP1 Report] Handbook for project management

Project management handbook for quality control.

[WP1 Report] Data management plan

[WP2 Report] Joint research portfolio

[WP2 Report] First summer school portfolio